Facebook is a social media mogul and having acquired Oculus, the natural direction is to start creating social virtual environments. This opens up a plethora of opportunities. Another company that has been raising a lot of money and approaching ICO end is VibeHub VR/AR.

What makes VibeHub unique is that it is using blockchain technology. Particularly, Ethereum’s smart contract technologies.

VIBEHub is the world’s first crypto based virtual & augmented reality marketplace and hub. While we are making concerts into the first killer-app for VR, we are also adding education streams, social experiences, gaming, and virtual dating. All decentralized on the platform designed for up to 1 billion users.

Click here to see more and watch some amazing video clips from this beta holoportation platform. It is using the Unity Engine, SteamVR SDK, Oculus SDK, Microsoft HoloLens SDK, and Sony PSVR SDK.



VibeHub is partnering with record labels to stream artists. This application can be used in education as well. This would completely disrupt the distance learning/ telepresence technologies world.