Do you know someone or a group that is deserving of an Emergency Management Exemplary Service Award?

This award is given to an individual or group who have done exceptional work in assistance in responding to and recovering from emergencies and disasters scenarios.

According to the website:

The Emergency Management Exemplary Service Award is a prestigious recognition for exceptional service and achievement. This award, a partnership between provincial, territorial and federal governments, recognizes recipients who have achieved excellence in their respective fields. Across Canada, there are many deserving individuals and groups working on emergency management, such as community-based volunteers, people working in all levels of government in emergency management organizations, and Indigenous communities.

Awards will be granted in five categories:

As per the nomination process,  a nominator and nominee form needs to be completed and submitted for each nomination for the Search and Rescue categories, and for all federal nominations in other award categories. The fillable PDF is the preferred format.

Nominator Form (Download) (PDF, 1.49 MB)

Nominee Form (Download) (PDF, 1.49 MB)

Note that for group nominations, a separate nominee form must be completed and signed by each group member.

The nomination package must also include:

  • Summary of significant achievements to advance emergency management in Canada and/or to respond in an exemplary manner to a major crisis or emergency situation affecting life, health and/or property (e.g. 500 words
  • For individual nominations: Brief biography of nominee and his/her background/history and nomination criteria (e.g. 250 words)
  • For group nominations: Brief overview of the group/project team, their background/history and nomination criteria (e.g. 250 words)
  • Written testimonials from at least two additional persons who can attest to the value and impact of the individual or group’s achievements (e.g. 250 words each). Each testimonial must be dated and signed.
  • Additional reference material to support the nomination, as required (such as media clippings, etc.)


Nominations are due Jan 31st, 2018.

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