According to Wikipedia, Spy vs. Spy is a wordless comic strip published in Mad magazine. It features two agents involved in stereotypical and comical espionage activities. Good vs bad. Of course, they each used whatever they could to get their hands on, including technology,  to sabotage the other.

What if they each had a drone? When used for good, drones can be used to help people, aid the delivery of medical supplies, and surveillance in Military operations. On the contrary, when used for bad drones can be used as a weapon, surveillance in restricted zones and simply interfere with first responder operations.

There is no doubt there are huge benefits in the use of drones for first responders. However, for the everyday users, there might need to be some registration and accountability. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) attempted to have owners register their drones in 2015.

Drones have the potential to aid many first responder related tasks. The concern would be how the general public or even worst, enemies, might use it inappropriately or against us.  Opinions?  Leave us a comment.

On a recent article/story from Fox news, “Drones becoming a threat to first-responder operations” the potential issues with drones are discussed,

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