When is technology too much? When it enhances and enriches our lives, then there is value added but when it tries to replace a human in a very empathic human emotional tasks, then it can backfire.

Can a robot replace a doctor? Robots can build cars, drive cars, be a personal assistant but can they really replace doctors? In some cases, technology can be helpful in the medical field by building doctors from across the world in any situation via the use of virtual or augmented reality.

There is a recent outcry on an incident that occurred where a robot doctor (Remote Presence Virtual Independent Telemedicine Assistant, or RP-VITA robot) was used to tell a patient that they were going to die. Where is the empathy?

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Please share this…. This was regarding a friends Dad a couple of hours ago. This is not the way to show value and…

Posted by Julianne Spangler on Wednesday, March 6, 2019