There are a lot of smartwatches out there already. The big names, Samsung, Apple and even Microsoft came up with a smartwatch. Basically, smartwatches are wearable-technology devices that maintain a relatively persistent wireless connection to your mobile device—usually a smartphone—and can receive notifications of incoming calls, texts, instant messages, social-network updates, and more, from that device. Some can also let you accept and conduct phone calls right on the watch. And even newer models (the Samsung Gear S, for one) can act as smartphones all on their own, without needing a paired phone nearby.

Smartwatches, like smartphones, can also run apps, via your smartphone or right on the watch. These include health and fitness apps (thus the comparison with activity trackers), apps that control functions such as music and the camera on your phone, navigation apps, and more. Because most smartwatches have open software platforms (at least so far), developers are coming up with new and innovative apps that can increase the functionality of the devices.

Here comes another one. Dot.

What makes Dot unique is that the watch accessing information in Braille ( using a refreshable Braille Display) rather than using text or graphics.

Like most other smartwatches, you can

  • Tell Date and Time

    Automatically sync today’s date and time with your Dot Watch. Simply connect the Dot Watch to the Dot Watch application via Bluetooth. Also available as a standalone product. Easily set the date and time manually without connecting to your phone when using the Dot Watch. Because your time is precious – embracing every single second.

  • Get Notifications on Calls and Messages

    It’s so easy to get notifications. With just one click of a button, receive real-time information from your mobile device. C-A-L-L and vibrations will notify you of an incoming call. Check the caller ID on your Dot Watch. You can also read through messages, save important ones, and revisit them later on the Dot Watch application.

  • Smart features with the Dot App

    By downloading the app and installing it on your mobile device, you suddenly get access to all the cool features and functions of the Dot Watch. Learn braille and practice reading it. Check how many steps you have taken throughout the day and monitor your life. Be prepared for the rain with the weather feature on the Dot Watch app. More features available.

Check it out here: