There is no doubt wearable technology has the potential to disrupt many industries. One of the most prominent ones is the healthcare industry. Brighter Sight is focused on wearables for first responders and we have just scratched the surface of possibilities.

Sandia National Laboratories has been working on a microneedle fluidic chip device that is capable of detecting and measuring electrolytes in the interstitial fluids through the skin. Needles in the skin? Sounds painful. However, the claim is that this can be done painlessly. This prototype device will eventually end up as a wearable device (most likely a watch) that can help anyone that would benefit from instant detection and feedback on electrolytic states.

Perhaps these devices can help first responders who require instant and continuous measurement of their patient: the readings (critical thresholds/ranges) could be streamed via Bluetooth to the smart eyeglasses the first responder wears. Perhaps firefighters who go into the heat of the rescue can use this device to maintain their electrolyte levels. First responders put their lives on the line to help save lives in critical situations. This device can help make sure they can perform their job at an optimal state.

Sandia National Labs is looking forward to the commercialization of this device.

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