Could a doctor be replaced with an AI robot? We only once thought this could happen in the movies but this might be closer to reality than we think.

Microsoft HoloLens 2.0 will have an AI component. Perhaps this opens up application development of apps such as an AI doctor robot?

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The 3 hottest disruptive technologies in the market in my opinion are;

  1. Mixed Reality ( i.e. HoloLens)
  2. Artificial intelligence ( i.e. Watson)
  3. BlockChain Technology (i.e. Cryptocurrencies)

What if we combine all three together?

A company named has developed an AI blockchain app that can be an AI doctor. This application has the potential to revolutionize the medical industry.

Check out the website here for more information:

and here to read more about the application of

Perhaps if this application can be integrated into a mixed reality headset or Smart eyewear so you can see a virtual doctor as the AI blockchain doc gives you the diagnosis, that might just be the new doctor’s office.