Augmented reality has allowed developers to come up with some innovative new ideas. This idea, in particular, has always made sense to me. A visual and hands on task such as changing the oil of your car or just understanding what’s under the hood makes complete sense to use augmented reality capabilities. Gone are the days where you have to context switch between your real world objects, the car and the user manual that is either a book or a PDF on your tablet that you have to place beside your car. Augmented reality allows the user to interact with the information in the traditional manual as you see the what’s under the hood. It can play audio instructions while providing information such as pictures and videos (etc. animations, the first person shot YouTube clips). The idea of a remote mechanic using an AR headset also makes perfect sense. It allows the expert mechanic to see what you are seeing while you and your car remain in the comforts of your driveway at home. This can also lead to remote/distant learning applications where perhaps an entire mechanics course can be taught remotely via AR systems. 

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