Artificial Intelligence, we have seen it in a lot of movies, shows and novels. Some of them portraited as villains that turn on their human creators and some portraited as pro-human live savers. We are not too far from the movies with the amazing development of AI technologies. A company by the name of Corti is working on AI that helps save lives. In particular, Corti is an intelligent partner that helps emergency medical dispatchers make life-saving decisions. The AI can provide first responders with decision making support by doing millions of analysis of situations from historical data. Corti provides machine learning support by augmenting the human decision-making process for first responders. The issue with a lot of AI systems is the human to computer interfaces. In particular, how does the human interact with AI system in a seamless manner? Majority of the time, based on the situation, the human in the loop is busy with the tasks they need to perform and can’t divert attention away from the situation. At the same time, AI can help make the decision-making process by applying analysis. The interface is the key. Corti is working on many research areas, one of which is Automatic Speech Recognition.

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