The Canadian government believes that technology will transform healthcare. How much do they believe? Enough to put 25million dollars into a new initiative called Collaborative Health Research Project (CHRP) competition. The competition will invest roughly $25 million in innovative projects that will embed technologies using the power of artificial intelligence to solve chronic health problems.

Here are the objectives:

In the context of improved health for Canadians, the objectives of the Collaborative Health Research Projects (CHRP) Initiative are to:

  • Translate research results to knowledge/technology users (KTUs) and other stakeholders;
  • Encourage the natural sciences and/or engineering and health research communities to collaborate and integrate their expertise;
  • Advance interdisciplinary research leading to knowledge and technologies;
  • Benefit Canada by improving the Canadian healthcare system and/or services;
  • Lead to economic opportunities in Canada (where appropriate); and
  • Provide training opportunities in collaborative and interdisciplinary research of relevance to health, while preparing them for employment opportunities in the private, public or not for profit sectors.


“Our Government is committed to improving the health of Canadians by leveraging Canada’s technology, research and development fields. The excellent work of our engineers and health scientists continue to push the limits of what we are capable of in our health care systems. Today, the Government is also encouraging researchers working in artificial intelligence to apply their knowledge to Canadian health sciences. Congratulations to the recipients of these grants. Your hard work will improve the lives of Canadians for years to come!”

Ginette Petitpas Taylor
Minister of Health



Here is a link with all the information: