It has been a harsh winter in Canada. There has been heavy snow, high winds and ice that has made it extremely difficult for many to commute and do their job. The city of Ottawa has felt this winter as much as anyone with its recent flood levels. Similar to the cottage country north of Ontario, Ottawa has declared a state of emergency as flood levels might be the worst they have seen in years. Whenever there is a state of emergency in Canada, the Canadian Armed Forces are usually called in to help with whatever is possible. The CAF members not only put their lives on the line to protect our country aboard but they help save many lives domestically in an effort to relieve state of emergencies. A big salute goes out to our CAF members for what they do each and everyday. Without your help, it would be an extremely difficult task to overcome a state of emergency like the one in Ottawa recently.

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City of Ottawa declares state of emergency as flood levels projected to rise above 2017 peak