One of Brighter Sight’s goals is to understand the roles of first responders and how technology, when used effectively, can enhance their jobs and make them more efficient.

We are primarily interested in wearables and how first responders could make use of this disruptive technology to enhance the way information is collected , presented and exchanged.

There are already numerous wearable devices in the health and fitness sector. Many of these are aimed at the everyday users but some are geared towards highly specialized jobs such as healthcare practitioners.

With wearable technology growly at a rapid pace and the cost of building applications reducing, ideas and inventions are being driven by startup companies. The beauty of a startup is that there really isn’t an age limit and the idea can come from anyone, anywhere.

A prime example of this is a Canadian grade 9 student from London Ontario by the name of Danish Mahmood. He is making waves with his invention, Wireless Interconnected Non-Innvasive Triage System (W.I.N.I.T.S).

W.I.N.I.T.S. is biomedical device that measures blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen rate, and body temperature via a finger sensor. This device can help track important vital signs of patients that require monitoring. Mahmood has won various awards with his invention already and plans to commercialize it soon.

It is never too young to make the world a better place. Canada’s got tech talent and Brightersight wants to talk to this guy.

Read more about Mahmood’s invention here: