Wearables in hospitals are starting to become more adopted. There are many physicians that are onboard with technology enabling devices. With smart glasses to a variety of patient sensors, we are heading into a world that will adapt and adopt the benefits of technology to enhance healthcare services. A company by the name of Flosonics Medical, from Sudbury Canada, has been working on a realtime wearable for patients that are critically ill. The device is non-invasive and the goal of it is to allow hospital staff to make decisions based on analytics of the data from the wearable devices. The device, called FloPatch, is a wearable device that goes on a patient’s neck. It measures the blood flow of the patient. The use of the device enables the hospital staff to do more multitasking and make informed decisions in real-time.

The company recently secured $5 million in a funding round led by Toronto’s iGan Partners .  Looking forward to seeing what comes next for this Canadian company.


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