Why do we age? We spend thousands of dollars to find ways to slow down the aging process but yet it is just an inevitable thing that must deal with. We even have fields of studies dedicated to it. According to Wikipedia, Gerontology is the study of the socialculturalpsychologicalcognitive, and biological aspects of ageing.

Could technology help us understand why we age? Are there ways we can use biomarkers to see trends in the aging process within our body?

A company by the name of Insilico Medicine Inc has been working with MAWI, a consumer and clinical wearable company to develop biomarkers of aging and mortality to help prevent the onset of diseases.

The companies will collaborate to develop electrocardiographic age predictors of cardiovascular dysfunction. This could work towards a future of healthcare that is less reactive and one that proactive.

Advance hardware mixed with powerful AI will result in a truly revolutionary product that will continue to get better over time with machine learning.

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