What happens when you mix wearables, data analytics, cloud and first responders together? Something amazing of course. Bravo Target Safety and Blackline Safety are working together on just that. Below is an exert from the press release.

Bravo Target Safety, a leading provider of industrial and oilfield emergency response and safety services, today announced a partnership with Blackline Safety to leverage the safety and connectivity of Blackline’s G7c emergency response management, cloud-hosted safety portal and business analytics software. Bravo Target Safety is the first company in the world to use G7c for industrial turnaround
projects. Blackline Safety’s G7c is a wearable safety device that uses 3G cellular networks to wirelessly connect front-line workers, often working alone, to live monitoring centers. Automatically detecting gases (including hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, carbon monoxide and explosive gases), injuries and other hazards, G7c accounts for employees’ wellbeing and whereabouts in real-time. All safety incidents are communicated to 24/7 live monitoring personnel who can mobilize responders to the employee’s exact location or trigger an evacuation. Two-way voice calling, constant connectivity and real-time alerting provide exceptional situational awareness to efficiently manage emergency responses.

With all that data coming into the portal not only can the system help with current situations, it can apply some machine learning and data analytics to look for potential long-term patterns to prevent future incidents.

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