The universal soldier. One with the advantage of having the sixth sense ( technology enabled, data crunching, real-time analytics). Are we there yet? We previously discussed some research that the US Army was doing in this domain. The use of MS HoloLen for the US Army to enable the HoloLen Solider and wearable technology for the future soldier.

The Australian government DoD science and technology department is doing research into helping explore operational concepts and understanding the impact of augmented reality on dismounted soldiers. Researchers are looking at augmented reality and how the solider can process visual information in real-time in order to provide a competitive advantage in the decision making process. There are additional challenges the solider in the field face, like night vision, and the ability for the technology to adapt in austere environments. We have seen these types of concepts in movies like Robocop.

To read more about the Australian DoD research check out the link below;