What do you get when drones and wearables get together? Something awesome of course. Epson has launched the world’s first augmented reality drone flight simulator app optimized for Smart Glasses. Humans, of course, don’t have the ability to fly unless you are a superhuman like Superman. Other than a jetpack, this might be the next best thing, the Moverio-BT-300FPV.


The simulator app uses the Epson Moverio BT-300 smart glasses to view the simulator experience. There are two modes including a fly mode and two mini-games for advanced pilots.  Now you can train to be a drone pilot, anywhere anytime.

The app is available in the Epson Moverio marketplace.

How do any of these help first responders? Well, imagine being able to extend the search and rescue team’s ability to cover off large areas. By using a drone and a pair of smart glasses, the eyes of the first responders. expands into the skies. For police officers, that might help extend surveillance operations.

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Watch how a drone is used to carry blood samples: