According to Wikipedia, Augmented cognition is an interdisciplinary area of psychology and engineering, attracting researchers from the more traditional fields of human-computer interaction, psychology, ergonomics and neuroscience.

Darpa, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has been working on augmented cognition for years. Check out this amazing video of the art of the possible.

Is it possible? can we use our brain to control things? Can we tap into what is happening inside our brain to understand if we are are truly understanding something we are trying to learn? Are there biomarkers that we can identify in brain activity that can link to learning attributes?

Perhaps all of this is possible with augmented cognition research and development. The technology is still very expensive to procure but one company that is making it possible for everyone to try out is, openbci.

According to their website:

OpenBCI stands for open-source brain-computer interface (BCI). We provide anyone with a computer, the tools necessary to sample the electrical activity of their body.

Open Source Brain-Computer Interfaces

Low-Cost BCI Hardware
High-Quality Brain Imaging

Learning Materials & Guides

EEG/EMG/ECG Monitoring

Electrodes & Adaptors

Biosensing & Neurofeedback Tools

3D Printed EEG Headsets

A Global Community

Brain, Muscle, Heart Monitoring



Pretty amazing stuff. This device can help us understand what is happening in our brain. Adapt this to first responder training and we might be able to get a better insight on how and why the first responder made certain decisions during a training scenario. This, in turn, can help identify gaps in learning and improve the individuals learning by making it more adaptive.Check out more here:

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