A debate that we will be having for generations to come. Where do we come from? Who is our creator? Religion or science? There are many questions that we don’t have the answers to but one MIT computer scientist thinks we are all living in the Matrix. A giant simulation that someone created. The way our bodies are built, the way the world works from food to animals, is it all a simulation? Computers are getting smaller and faster. We are now able to process billions of bytes of information to do big data analysis. The trend is working towards a smarter world where computers will be able to solve complicated problems we were never able to do on our own. Could this be how the world was built in the first place? Billions of pieces of information in a Matrix simulation?

Fascinating theory.


Read more about Rizwan Virk and his new book called, “The simulation hypothesis” below:


Source: We Spoke to an MIT Computer Scientists About the Simulation Hypothesis | Digital Trends