Palmer Luckey’s new startup company, Anduril, is not only looking at border surveillance but will look into working with the US military on using virtual and augmented reality in the battlefield. The military, as well as first responders, have been looking into AR/VR technology to modernize the way they do their jobs.

Brighter Sight is a Human-Systems-Integration company specializing in technology, especially wearable technology for First Responders. We use the latest technologies for information capture, processing & visualization, then present the information in a manner that’s useful in dynamic environments (i.e with wearables).

As wearable technologies mature, whether it is developed for military usage from start-up companies like Anduril or Brighter Sight for first responders, it is all heading in the right direction. Wearable technologies, when designed and used effectively, can enable/enhance traditional tasks.

Read more about Palmer Luckey’s new company Anduril and potential plans for AR/VR development for the US Miltary here:

Palmer Luckey’s new defense company Anduril looks interested in AR and VR on the battlefield

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