1. Drones have hit the mainstream. They are a big hit for hobbyists, enterprise-level applications like first responders/military and beginners. There are many potential benefits to using a drone. Drones are capable of carrying various payloads that could include sensor payloads such as cameras, thermal cameras, scanners and some can even be weapons. The one thing we are starting to get deeper into is making sense of all the data that we can capture with drones. Wedding photographers and Hollywood directors are using drones to capture amazing aerial footage of never before imaginable scenes. In the application side of things from first responders/military perspective, drone data can be used for training. Data can be captured and used in after action review to pre-deployment training.

A company by the name of Edgybees is working on using drone data to do augmented views of real-world scenarios.

From the site,

“Our Augmented Real-time Intelligence™ fuses computer vision, multi-sensor data analytics and 3D video generation to provide a simple visual layer of highly accurate, real-time information. The result is instant clarity and collaboration within even the most complex operational environments.”



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Source: AR Overlays from Edgybees Illustrate What’s Possible with Drone Data – Commercial UAV News