As the virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality technologies mature, it will start to disrupt many existing industries. What is next when it comes to disruption? Mixed reality is when the real world mixes with the augmented reality world and created a mixed view of the world. This has a tremendous potential to create the “sixth sense”. The ability to bring information into our reality is kind of like being a superhero. In realtime, information can augment your world and give you insight into your decision-making process. Augmented reality glasses are presuming how we can interact with the world in mixed reality. Glasses on your head might not be very fashionable and maybe that is why smart glasses hasn’t hit the mainstream yet. Perhaps there might be another human-computer interface that is more decreet. That interface might be a contact lens. A computer in your eye? Is that even possible? Looks like we might be closer to that reality than we think. A company by the name Mojo Vision has created a contact lens that can be used for augmented reality applications. This has the potential to be a game-changer. See more below: