BrigherSight has been keeping an eye on Apple’s recent rumours and developments on the possibility of Apple augmented reality glasses. Here are some of our previous blogs.

Well here is the latest on the development. Apple is definitely working on augmented reality glasses with their recent acquisition of  Akonia Holographics. According to Akonia’s website,

Akonia Holographics LLC was founded in August of 2012 to develop advanced optical technologies based on holography. After achieving revolutionary advances in holographic data storage, we are now supporting the burgeoning Augmented Reality (AR) headset market. Our HoloMirrorTM technology suite employs our proprietary volume holographic media and know-how to uniquely enable thin, transparent smart glass lenses that display vibrant, full-color, wide field-of-view images.

Looks like Apple AR glasses will join the Apple family soon. The question is will Tim Cook have enough to compete against the other major AR glasses on the market? Augmented reality glasses might become the new technology battlefield. Facebook versus Microsoft Hololens vs  MagicLeap? Exciting times coming for the consumers.

Can’t wait to see what these Apple AR glasses look like.