Look up in the air, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no its an autonomous drone! Drones are amazing. They can do amazing things. Not only is it a fantastic toy for kids and adults to enjoy but the technology has become so enhanced that it is now being used in critical jobs. Drones have been used by the military for surveillance, provide incredible aerial photography and now emergency rescue services to name a few.

Some of our previous blogs provide some overview in terms of what Drones can and have been doing.




There really is a gap that drones can help fill when it comes to the following areas.

  1. Search and Rescue:
  2. Fire-fighting:
  3. Surveillance:

Drones can cover a longer range for search and rescue, firefighters can use it to battle blazes and police have been using it for surveillance.

A company by the name of Unmanned Life is a firm believer that unmanned drones are a huge asset to first responders. At Unmanned Life, the belief is that drone technology can help first-responders save lives. They use an AI-powered software platform that can control fleets of completely autonomous UAVs or any IoT devices.

BrighterSight is keeping a close eye on this company to see what they come up with next.

Read more about unmanned life here:



In Canada. Transport Canada has rules and regulations on flying drones. Click on the link below to see what the rules and regulations are:


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