Wearables are no doubt a disruptive technology. It has the ability to disrupt the gaming industry, Miltary/Defence and of course the healthcare sector to name a few. The possibilities are truly endless.

The technology is now potentially disrupting the tourist industry. Motive.io, a Canadian company is developing location-based augmented reality experiences.

By using your mobile phone, and eventually wearable headset, you can experience a tour of the city in a whole new way. The augmented reality experience enhances the experience you would normally get walking down a street in a city. It brings to life the history, stories and important landmarks through the AR experience.

Motive.io is a platform that makes it easy to build your location-based augmented reality apps and games. Start with our Unity templates or the Explore AR app. All location services, map integration, and a host of ready-to-go game mechanics are included so you can get outside and see your game in action. The next AR Pokemon anyone?

How does this apply to first responders? Well, imagine the platform being used to map out the city with key landmarks that are relevant to the particular first responder. It could create a histogram replay of past incidences that have occurred in order to better prepare for potential emergency events. It can be used for training scenarios or even help aid real-time emergency standard operating procedures (overlay fire exists, criminal activity histogram, or even nearest emergency shelters).

The Canadian government has already shown interest by investing in the company via the Build in Canada Innovation Program.

Read more at  Government of Canada invests nearly $500,000 in BC startup to develop historical AR experiences

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Let’s hope we don’t go too far and the world becomes a hyperreality: