From North to all the way down south? What happened?

Well, no dought Canada has tech talent but what happened to North? We previously reported on Thalmic Labs, an Ontario Canada company that initially developed the wearable gesture device called Myo and than later shifted to making wearable smart eyewear. See below. We the North! Well, perhaps it was too good to be true. The Canadian government has pulled […]

Connected Wearable Devices in Healthcare has a bright future!

Research and Markets, the world’s largest research store just posted a new report for purchase called, Connected Wearable Devices in Healthcare: Wearables in Medical, Wellness, and Fitness Markets by Device Type, Body Area, Solution Type (Prevention, Monitoring, and Treatment), and Health Concerns 2019 – 2024. Check out the table of contents here: Key report findings […]

Google Glass V3?

Google Glass enterprise might soon become Google Glass 3. Google Glass Enterprise was quietly released at the enterprise level and have been successful in several industries. One interesting and intriguing application for enterprise glass is in the medical industry. A company by the name of Augmendix developed a package called Remote Scribe. Augmendix’s slogan is is […]

Track what you see, see what you track.

Wearables such as smart glasses have made several attempts to make it to the mainstream consumer. The prime example is Google Glass. The smart glasses that tried to break into the mainstream. When it first arrived on the market, it created a solid buzz simply due to the association with the company name Google. Google […]

Microsoft files patent for head-mounted device that could monitor pulse data and blood pressure data

Microsoft is working on a head-mounted device that could monitor pulse data and blood pressure data. Wearables can range from watches, fitness bands and smart glasses. Each device has specific features that fill specific needs such as the Fitbit fitness band, which focuses on tracking fitness related data. However, wearables devices are starting to do more […]