Voice recognition

Voice command devices do not only allow hand gesture control, but also allows for sight-free control. These devices are suitable for use in visually-disabled environments as well. Moreover, users can easily operate applications while doing other tasks, allowing for true hands free control. Subsequently, users can easily operate applications while using their hands and in while working in broader environmental conditions. Voice command systems work well in environments with reduced ambient noise. In noisy environments, where high complexity of accurate speech recognition and processing of the speech is required, the voice recognition systems are not robust. Not to mention, with a variety of pronunciations/accents and natural language processing, it adds more challenges. Voice recognitions applications such as Google Voice require a network connection for cloud processing. If an internet connection is not available or the signal is not strong, it jeopardizes the performance of the system. There are offline versions with downloadable dictionaries but they are significantly less accurate and can present considerable reliability challenges

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