Physiological Feedback Systems

Wearable technologies has expanded vastly from being just audio and video systems to now being able to understand what is happening to an individual on the internally. Physiological devices can measure physiological signals from the body and let the user know what is happening to them internally while they are experiencing the external. Physiological feedback systems can be used to measure what is happening to the individual within and have that information affect what they see through an augmented or virtual world. Imagine having a video game adapt to the individual that is playing based on their biological feedback during game play. This adaptive feedback system can change the artificial intelligence gaming systems based on the strengths and weakness of the players during the game play. This is adaptive to training situations where AR and VR systems are used by being able to understanding what is happening “skin in” to adapt to what the person is experiencing “skin out. The combination of a system of systems expands the art of the possible.

  • ARAIG (As Real As It Gets)
  • HexoSkin
  • MS Band
  • MUSE
  • Spire
  • EMPATICA E4 wristband
  • Smart contact lenses

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