Wearables inside clothing

Here is more evidence of the latest trend of wearable clothing. Researchers from the University of Cambridge have recently developed wearable electronic battery components that can be woven right inside clothing. This could potentially lead to the creation of the iron man suit. The wearable style batteries could turn into functional energy storage elements and […]

EMS Agenda 2050

After two years of gathering information from many key stakeholders, a document/vision has been put together called, “EMS Agenda 2050: A People-Centered Vision for the Future of Emergency Medical Services”. In the document, there is a vision of where EMS services should transform from now till 2050 and beyond. There are some bold statements made […]

Are we in the Matrix?

A debate that we will be having for generations to come. Where do we come from? Who is our creator? Religion or science? There are many questions that we don’t have the answers to but one MIT computer scientist thinks we are all living in the Matrix. A giant simulation that someone created. The way […]