The iron man helmet for firefighters

Firefighters have a difficult job to do. They are fighting the extreme elements in a highly hazardous environment while trying to save lives. Anything that can make their job easier would be highly valuable to their profession. In the past, we posted about The Cosumnes Fire Department Next Generation SMART Concept which they also call “911 Go” looking at […]

The HoloLens Soldier

The HoloLens is still considered one of the hottest and latest augmented reality systems to come out on the market. The Microsoft HoloLens runs windows mixed reality platforms under the windows 10 reality platform. Microsoft will be using this platform to put out their Microsoft virtual reality system.  There are several interesting application already developed […]

Track what you see, see what you track.

Wearables such as smart glasses have made several attempts to make it to the mainstream consumer. The prime example is Google Glass. The smart glasses that tried to break into the mainstream. When it first arrived on the market, it created a solid buzz simply due to the association with the company name Google. Google […]