Biochips – The current or next disruptive technology?

According to Wikipedia, Biochips are essentially miniaturized laboratories that can perform hundreds or thousands of simultaneous biochemical reactions. Biochips enable researchers to quickly screen large numbers of biological analytes for a variety of purposes, from disease diagnosis to detection of bioterrorism agents. Here is an interesting video on the potential of biochips. The video is from 2013, so it […]

SAVED- Smoke Assured Vision Enhanced Display

At the recent IATA flight and safety show in Montreal Canada April 17-19th 2018, ODG demonstrated an interesting product. The Safety and Flight Operations Conference (SFO) is IATA’s premium annual conference dedicated to improving the safety and efficiency of airline operations globally. It brings together the leaders and decision-makers of the aviation and aerospace industry […]

Nokia made a smart, fashionable jacket for first responders

Fashion and technology are coming together. Even better, functional uniforms with technology integration could change the way we do our jobs. In this case, Nokia has come up with a uniform for firefighters that has integrated pockets for sensors. Various sensors can be used to measure physiological data, like GPS, amongst other things. This version […]