Google eyeglasses with a built in heart rate monitor?

When Google started getting into the wearables market, they had plans to expand. GoogleGlass made a huge splash. GoogleGlass has been used in the healthcare industry as a potential new way of interacting with information. Google Glass in Korea’s healthcare system Google has also been looking to expanding on the capabilities of the smart glasses […]

HIPAA compliant wearables?

Commercially available fitness and health wearables have been hitting the consumer market for the past several years. Devices like the Fitbit, Samsung’s wearables and the Apple watch have already made a huge splash in the fitness market. The companies claim that they are working towards HIPPA compliance. However, with the abundance of health data that […]

Promising growth for smart wearables for healthcare market

Wearables for healthcare is growing rapidly. Major companies are investing in the technology and transitioning and transforming the way the healthcare industry professionals are doing their job. The smart wearables, when used in the right situation, could be a benefit to training, reduction in time to perform tasks and increase efficiency entirely. Brightersight is working […]

iBeat- A watch that could save your life.

What happens when fashion meets technology meets healthcare. A beautiful thing of course. Brightersight has been tracking the many wearables that could potentially save lives. Apple watch superhero! Wearable device sends Bat signal for help? Here is another one that has been getting a lot of press. iBeat is a smartwatch that continually monitors your […]

Telemedicine technology for the Army is coming…

The US Army is investing in telemedicine. The technology they are planning on using is called Medical Hands-free Unified Broadcast, or MEDHUB. The idea is to transport the healthcare information from the field via mHealth devices to the hospital. This could have a positive effect on transitioning patients in a timely manner, perhaps providing remote telemedicine […]

Canadian government invests in tech enabled solutions for healthcare!

The Canadian government believes that technology will transform healthcare. How much do they believe? Enough to put 25million dollars into a new initiative called Collaborative Health Research Project (CHRP) competition. The competition will invest roughly $25 million in innovative projects that will embed technologies using the power of artificial intelligence to solve chronic health problems. Here are the […]