Connected Wearable Devices in Healthcare has a bright future!

Research and Markets, the world’s largest research store just posted a new report for purchase called, Connected Wearable Devices in Healthcare: Wearables in Medical, Wellness, and Fitness Markets by Device Type, Body Area, Solution Type (Prevention, Monitoring, and Treatment), and Health Concerns 2019 – 2024. Check out the table of contents here: Key report findings […]

The iron man helmet for firefighters

Firefighters have a difficult job to do. They are fighting the extreme elements in a highly hazardous environment while trying to save lives. Anything that can make their job easier would be highly valuable to their profession. In the past, we posted about The Cosumnes Fire Department Next Generation SMART Concept which they also call “911 Go” looking at […]

MOVE and track your heart with the Withings MOVE ECG watch

CES 2019 has generated more buzz in the world of wearables. Many new products were showcased at the show. One product that is of interest to BrighterSight is MOVE ECG. Move ECG is the first product to offer an electrocardiogram on a consumer wearable. ECG can help detect heart problems by measuring the electrical activity generated […]

Victoria University’s sports engineering degree for sports robotics

The study of wearables and assistance technology has expanded rapidly in recent years. We reported on a Canadian university that was offering werables for sports medicine. University of Calgary launches Wearable Technology Research and Collaboration (We-TRAC) Training Program. On a related note, the University of Victoria in Melbourne Australia has unique offerings within the sports engineering degree. The […]

AR Overlays from Edgybees Illustrate What’s Possible with Drone Data – Commercial UAV News

Drones have hit the mainstream. They are a big hit for hobbyists, enterprise-level applications like first responders/military and beginners. There are many potential benefits to using a drone. Drones are capable of carrying various payloads that could include sensor payloads such as cameras, thermal cameras, scanners and some can even be weapons. The one thing we are starting […]

The HoloLens Soldier

The HoloLens is still considered one of the hottest and latest augmented reality systems to come out on the market. The Microsoft HoloLens runs windows mixed reality platforms under the windows 10 reality platform. Microsoft will be using this platform to put out their Microsoft virtual reality system.  There are several interesting application already developed […]