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Brighter Sight: A division of Real-Time Engineering & Simulation (http://www.RTeng.pro)

As a division of a Real-Time Engineering company, we pride ourselves solutions that work and keep working.
At a recent meeting, I was reminded of my time at QNX. The server would keep running until there was a catastrophic hardware failure.

Our server at RTeng.Pro is approaching the same level of reliability. Excluding reboots/resets during configuration, the server ran for 547, 388, and 314 consecutive days, which accounts for most of it’s 4.5 year lifespan.

Getting things to work and keep working this well requires knowledge of hardware, peripheral devices, drivers, communication protocols, and software.
We also need engineers that take pride in their quality
And the desire to dig…. find the root of the problem in it’s infancy…. before they happen (or at least before anyone notices).

Who we Are

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